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A cancer diagnosis can bring up issues that may cause you to need some legal help. Some of these issues may include insurance coverage, employment discrimination, health care, child custody, disability assistance and planning your will. These legal issues can cause people unnecessary worry, confusion, and stress, and can be overwhelming. When these legal issues are not addressed, people may find themselves surviving cancer, only to find that they have lost their homes, jobs, insurance, or families. This section includes legal resources that may help you or your family for any of your cancer-related problems while you are getting treatment or following treatment.

Cancer Legal Resource Center
919 S. Albany Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Web site:
Toll free Telephone Assistance Line (866-THE-CLRC)
Telephone: 213-736-1455
Fax: 213-736-1428

The Cancer Legal Resource Center is a community-based joint program of the Western Law Center for Disability Rights and Loyola Law School. The CLRC provides information and educational outreach on cancer-related legal issues to people with cancer, their families, friends, employers, and those who provide services to them

The Cancer Legal Resource Center provides free and confidential information and resources on cancer-related legal issues to people with cancer, their families, friends, employers, health care professionals, and others coping with cancer. The Center, a joint program of Loyola Law School and the Disability Rights Legal Center (formerly Western Law Center for Disability Rights), has a national toll free Telephone Assistance Line (866-THE-CLRC) where callers can receive information about relevant laws and resources for their particular situation. The Center provides trainings for support groups, survivors, caregivers, health care professionals, hospitals, cancer organizations, and other community groups.

Choices Bank
The Choices Bank website makes your advance directive available anytime, anywhere with the level of privacy you choose. On the Choices Bank secure Web site, you will see your advance directive exactly as you signed it and you may print it. No one can change your advance directive on the Web site in any way. If you want to make changes, you simply deposit a new advance directive in the Choices Bank. The Choices Bank was created by Lifes End Institue: Missoula Demonstration Project. It is sponsored by Saint Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center.
500 West Broadway
Missoula, Montana 59802
Web site:
Telephone: 406-329-2707

Mary-Helen Mautner Project for Lesbians with Cancer
Provides transportation to and from treatment, legal assistance, support groups, bereavement counseling, education and a smoking cessation program.
1707 L St. NW, Ste. 230
Washington, DC 20036
Web site:
Telephone: 1-866-628-8637 or 202-332-5536
Fax: 202-332-0662

Partnership for Caring
Provides latest information on right-to-die, Living Wills, etc.
1620 Eye St. NW
Washington, District of Columbia 20006
Telephone: 800-989-9455

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