Introduction to Clinical Trial Options
Introduction to Clinical Trial Options

What is the purpose of this trials options session?

  • To help you understand how clinical trials studies differ based on the stage and type of cancer.
  • These examples will help you see
    • The type of eligibility criteria
    • How the studies are organized
    • Potential benefits and risks for each of the studies.

What information can I find in these Trial Options sessions?

  • There are thousands of clinical trials being implemented in the US and Canada at the present time.
  • The information included here is to give you examples of how different one clinical trial may be from other clinical trials
  • The session will include examples of
    • A prevention trial (for those who are high risk for cancer)
    • A screening trial for cancer
    • A trial for inflammatory breast cancer
    • A trial using breast conserving surgery
    • Brachytherapy for stage 1 or 2 breast cancer patients
    • A trial for someone who has a recurrence of breast cancer
    • A trial on unmanaged cancer pain

How is the information organized in this session?

  • You may look at the trials specific to your stage or type of cancer.
  • You are also welcomed to look at all of the examples provided.

You can click on the leaves above to select which types of trials you want to learn more about.

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